Thursday, November 02, 2006

Famous Persian Americans

Who are Aryans?

Who are Aryans? Azeri Turks believe Iran means Land of Aryan. So anybody living in Iran is an Aryan. They quote Cyrus the Great the King of Persian Empire who talked about Aryans in Iran. Cyrus the Great, the Persian King has stated that he and his people were of "Aryan Origin". By that he did not mean anything more than his people are a Noble people. Cyrus the Great was not an anthropologist.

Asking them what "Aryan" means, Azeri Turks can not explain what "Aryan" means. They only can say "Aryan" means Noble. So what Azeri Turks are claiming is they have found another name for noble which is "aryan" and people of Iran are noble!!!! Well all countries can call themselves noble and there is nothing wrong with it and there is no dispute about.

But by "Aryan" we mean migrating tribes who came to Iran between 3000-2000 BC and that is a theory in anthropology from 18 century. These tribes are related to aryan tribes who migrated to Europe too. There are ethnic, language and other relations between these "aryan" tribes regardless where they live. We are concerned about the "Aryan" theory in anthroplogy and not what Cyrus the Great said about Aryans in 500 BC. To repeat, Cyrus the Great was not an anthroplogist.

What Azeri turks talk about is some semantic tautologies where they quote Cyrus the Great to mean Azeri Turks who came to Iran in 15 century, that is 3500 years after Aryans arrived in Iran are Aryans too!!!! Moreover according to Azeri Turks "Aryans live only in Iran"!!!! It is not clear what Aryan supposed to mean? Is Aryan the same as citizens of Iran, or anybody who is Noble? or some other arbitary definition.

In any case we are not concerned about Azeris defintion of Aryans and we proceed to fraud on Aryans.

Catherine Bell from JAG

Jews spend a lot of money to undermine and destroy the Aryan Migration theory in Iran and Afghanistan. They try to deny that Persians have Aryan origin. They try to present Persians as semitic looking or present them as Mongols or Turks or arabs.

Here are some examples.

Famous Persian-Americans - Catherine Bell from American TV serial JAG playing a navy attorney.

Cathering Bell: One is real and the other one is fake. By fake we mean her appearance has been changed by make up to look semitic. Also note the nose in the second picture is a hooked nose. The picture is also altered. Jews produce these fake pictures in order to prove that there are no Aryans in Iran. One looks like a European. The other looks semitic .

Caterhin Bell Real

Cathering Bell Fake

Fraud on Afghans

She is afghan and was very famous cover girl on National Geographic Magazine on 80's.

Persians and Afghans are supposed to have hooked noses according to Jews. In reality Hooked nose is an Azeri Turk trait.

Look at her nose. This picture is altered. The nose does not change at that age. Another fraud by Jews targetting afghans.

The Russians have done detailed analysis on these pictures and have found out that many marks on the first picture is missing on the second picture.


Qaisullah said...

But, sir, the Afghan proper (Pashtun/Pakhtun) is a Jew, by origin of nationality. What I mean is that he is Jewish by ancestry. To me, she exhibits a Persian, North Indian or Kashmiri and old coastal semitic influence.

She is Pakhtun, is she not?
Sharbat Gula's ancestors were Jews.

arayapedram said...

azari is aryan but turk is not aryan
go to read persian history then give the opinion about iranian ethinic.
lore(bakhtiari) is aryan
Esfahani is aryan
Kurds is aryan

Anonymous said...

I think the Pakhtun might have something to say about being "Jewish by ancestry". Namely, shooting you in the face.

Anonymous said...

Azeri Turk???

"A recent study of the genetic landscape of Iran was completed by a team of Cambridge geneticists led by Dr. Maziar Ashrafian Bonab (an Iranian Azarbaijani).[82] Bonab remarked that his group had done extensive DNA testing on different language groups, including Indo-European and non Indo-European speakers, in Iran.[83] The study found that the Azerbaijanis of Iran do not have a similar FSt and other genetic markers found in Anatolian and European Turks. However, the genetic Fst and other genetic traits like MRca and mtDNA of Iranian Azeris were identical to Persians in Iran."

"However, the genetic Fst and other genetic traits like MRca and mtDNA of Iranian Azeris were identical to Persians in Iran."

Anonymous said...

Stupid blog.

We Azari are not Turk.

Anonymous said...

My Father is Azari and he doesn't look like Mongols AT ALL...he looks like Kurds-Armenians.

Azeri people don't look like Mongols,they have dark-brown hair with Persian-Kurdish-Armenian looks.