Wednesday, November 01, 2006

One Night with the King Fraud

One Night with the King Fraud

This another fraud by Hollywood using Indian actors to play the Persians. Jews take over Persia and by implication Persians today are Jews!!!!! Copying Again after Rosarie Dawson from Oliver Stone "Alexaner" movie another African American is used as a high level Persian official for Persian King Xerxes. Yes. According to Hollywood Persian Empire was run by Jews and African Americans. Persians ended up dead!!!!!!

Esther the main figure in Purim Jewish holiday was supposed to be a friend of Persian King. There was a conspiracy by Persians to kill Jews. The King kill all the Persians and save the Jews. Esther is actually a mythical figure and from her description she is actually an ethnic Persian who have adopted the Jewish faith.

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Anonymous said...

Actually Esther was a very real figure and was really married to the King. She was also jewsih and had hidden her identity from everyone until she made her final request to the king. If you look in the Bible in the Book of Esther you can get the entire story. The Bible being one of the oldest known manuscripts is a very reliable and historical source.